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    Section  1. Legislative findings:
Nassau and Suffolk Counties comprise an area of 2,826 square miles, larger than the states of  Rhode Island and Delaware.
The combined  population  of  the two counties is 2.798
million which is greater than the population of 19 states.
For the years 2002-2004,
Long Island paid 8.124 billion dollars  in  state  taxes  yet
only  5.2  billion  dollars  was  returned  in direct local aid, tuition
assistance, highway aid, pension payments, lottery  money, metropolitan
transportation authority subsidies and Medicaid payments.
For many years the question of forming the state of Long Island has been discussed in
public and academic forums. The issue should be investigated, a report
prepared and referendum held in Nassau and Suffolk counties so the citizens may be heard.

“A unified voice from both Nassau and Suffolk counties would send a serious message to
Albany that we reject their illegitimate taxes and fees upon Long Islanders,” said Sawicki
who has long promoted the idea of secession as a way to solve Long Island’s fiscal woes. “The Dowling college study has proven that we send over $3 billion more to Albany than we
get back. That $3 billion can provide enormous tax relief for Long Islanders instead of
being used to bail out the rest of the State.”
Are You Mad Yet? Sorry, But That's Not Enough To Change Anything
The Question is: Are You Mad Enough Yet to Change Something!
The Most Recent Hurricanes (Noreasters) Irene and Sandy have shown us that we must take charge of Long Island
Relying on New York State and (FEMA) Federal Government to Help Us Rebuild is a Ridiculous thought.
We are more than capable of helping ourselves, Long Islanders demonstrate a sense of Selflessness like no other.
We Dont Want Handouts and Government Money
     Long Islanders pay the more taxes than any of the largest cities in the Country and if we become a State we would be able to keep our money on Long Island so we can rebuild Long Island in a futuristic manner. It's Time we make this Happen! If we became a State, Long Island would have such a windfall of money, we could completely rebuild Long Island in such a way that we could easily become a model to the rest of the Nation. We would be able to actually see our tax dollars at work.
This Website Will Keep You Updated on this Movement toward Statehood!
     This Movement was already proposed many years ago and some politicians have pushed the issue as far as they can without sacrificing their Political Careers and like just about everything else that politicians take charge of, the most sensible solutions to our Greatest Problems, winds up in a political roadblock and then gets shelved until it can benefit a politicians election or re-election campaign. It's time for Long Islanders to take control of the Ball and carry it over the Goal line which would result in Long Island becoming the 51st State. What a Great State Long Island would be.
     All these years of toying with this idea of Statehood and no website to help educate Long Islanders on how this could happen and the pros and cons of becoming a State. Studies have been done, preliminary legislation has be done, so why dont we hear more about this issue since this will provide a platform that will introduce 100s of thousands of jobs, businesses would flourish again like never before, Infrastructure would be rebuilt 100 of times better than in the past, Our Colleges and Universities would be recognized nationwide attracting and keeping our youth on Long Island, so many benefits to Long Islanders that it will take this entire website to illustrate them all.
     This Website www.LongIslandState.org will provide you will all the information and resources available on this Movement up to present day, and then will take you into the future so you can see how this movement can effect your everyday lives and communities on Long Island.
     Let's Build Long Island State Together and help our politicians do the job that we sent them to do, and that is to represent the will of their constituents and make things happen that benefit Long Islanders. Time for them to be accountable and earn their pay and entitlements by carrying out the will of the people that put them in a position of power to make this happen.
Long Island Meets All the Constitutional Requirements and Criteria to become a State
So Why is it that we are not a State Yet?
It's time for Long Islanders to take control of Long Island because Politicians will not make this happen unless
"We the People Demand It"
If they dont cooperate we fire them in 2014 and 2016.
Most Politicians are looking at upward mobility and their political careers run into the State and Federal Beauracracy whenever a local issue interferes with their aspirations for federal office.
This is why "We The People" must make this happen
We Must have this issue of Long Island Statehood placed on the 2013 and 2014 General Election Ballots
so people can vote on this issue ASAP! This is of Utmost importance to fixing Long Island.
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Puerto Ricans Voted for Statehood by a Majority Vote on the November 6, 2012 General Election Ballot


OK — so the Tennessee Plan, you've probably never heard of it unless you are from Tennessee or Alaska. Apparently, some of those who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution haven't heard of it either. When Tennessee first came to the Union, it had a different name; it was first called "Territory of the United States South of the River Ohio." It was a U.S. territory, just like Puerto Rico is now.

But instead of waiting for Congress to decide if they wanted to make the territory a state, they took a different, bold route: They forced the issue themselves:

They elected delegates for Congress

They voted on statehood

They drafted a state constitution

And applied for statehood

Then, when Congress dragged their feet, they went to the Capitol and demanded to be seated

Congress was unsure of how to proceed; this was the first territory going for statehood. They relented and Tennessee became America's 16th state. Alaska did many of the same things.

Again, the Tennessee plan in a nutshell:

Unsuccessfully petitioning Congress for admission

Drafting a state constitution without prior congressional intervention

Holding state elections for state officers, U.S. senators and representatives

In some cases, sending the entire congressional delegation to Washington to demand statehood and claim their seats

Finally, Congress has little choice but to admit a new state through the passage of a simple act of admission


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